These are our standard colors

Since computer monitors vary, we will send you samples so that you may compare colors in your own home. Also, we will do our best to create custom variations of these colors to match the color you are looking for.

These are only some of the colors that we can create for you. Please give us a call to discuss your particular color ideas.

We received our beautiful furniture this morning.  It is gorgeous!!!  The chairs do look great.  Can't wait for my sister to get here tomorrow night.  She is flying in for my mother's birthday and my niece's wedding so we will have a week to spend playing with the room.  Thanks for all your help.  We will definitely be telling everyone where it came from.

~ Martha S.

Windsor Chair leg color samples

Colors from left to right are:

Honey, Marmalade, Cranberry, Black Current, Raisin, Black/Green Milk paint and Pitch Black Milk paint, all on Ash chair legs.


We can also create a wide array of custom colors, please let us know what you are looking for and we can try to match your color.

Custom Windsor Chair leg colors

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