Maple, cherry, and walnut, birch, and pine are the woods we use the most. Other species are available upon request.

I just received my table and I LOVE IT!!!  It is exactly what I've wanted but wasn't able to find anywhere, until I found Windsor Chairmakers.

~ Sarah M.

Choice of woods

Tiger maple is a hardwood with a unique striped pattern. The pattern develops from the tree blowing back and forth in the wind, resulting in tightly compressed lines resembling the stripes on a tiger. Tiger maple is also called curly maple or fiddle-back maple because it is the wood seen on the back of violins.

Wild black cherry grows in the eastern US and is a tall, large-diameter straight tree. The inner portion or "heartwood" is red. The outer two inches of the wood is white and we consider this wood undesirable. The heartwood will darken over time as it is exposed to sunlight.

Black walnut is a native hardwood with straight grain. We prefer to "color" this wood with orange shellac so that it develops a beautiful warm patina. Due to limited availability of quality wood, please add 10% to our furniture prices if choosing walnut.

Curly birch is a dramatically figured native hardwood. We sometimes leave the natural edge (minus the bark) to make our 'live-edge' tables.

Pine is a local softwood (Maine is the pine tree state). This is sometimes used to match a rustic decor or to create an antique-looking, painted piece.


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