The only care needed is the occasional coat of wax.

Our table arrived yesterday - just in time for my Birthday. We appreciate the outstanding quality and excellent workmanship of your fine furniture!

~ Diana

Caring for your new custom furniture is easy!

Windsor Chairmakers would like you to enjoy your furniture today and for generations. We believe the following information will help you maintain your furniture in the same beautiful condition as the day it arrives.

Solid wood furniture responds to changes in temperature and humidity by shrinking and expanding. We have considered these seasonal changes in the design and construction of our furniture.

Sunlight is not a friend of furniture or fabric; extended exposure to sunlight will cause fading. We suggest you turn your furniture periodically. Over time, solid wood furniture will develop a beautiful patina and color as it is exposed to indirect, natural light.

Our furniture has a very durable alcohol-based lacquer finish. You don’t need to worry about water rings or spills. Simply clean your furniture with a cloth dampened in water and wipe dry. We recommend you use a furniture grade beeswax polish on your furniture about once a year, following the package directions. Please do not use commercial spray cleaning products. While it won’t hurt the finish, it will create a “greasy” or “cloudy” appearance on your furniture.

Please be aware, however, that your furniture finish could be damaged by heat. Our general rule is simple:  If it is too hot for you to hold in your hand, it is too hot to put directly on your furniture. Use a mat or hot pad under hot items when placing them on your furniture.

And finally, our best piece of advice. Your new furniture was built to use, enjoy, and love. The beauty of furniture from Windsor Chairmakers is that you don't need to worry about everyday wear and tear. These signs of use and wear will only add character to your furniture as years come and go. 

Please feel free to call us at 800-789-5188 (or 207-789-5188) with any questions you may have about the care of your furniture… or even just to tell us how much you are enjoying your new pieces!

Thank you,
Jim & Nance Brown and
The Crew at Windsor Chairmakers

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