Your dining table can also be ordered as a leaf table.

We picked up our first chair order and brought them home.  They are absolutely beautiful!  We greatly appreciate the quality of the product and the people who make it happen.

~ Dale & Cindy

Leaf Tables

(When calculating a table price, we use a very simple formula: Length x Width (including leaves) divided by 144 x $150 = _____ price.)

Center leaf-A 20" center leaf with apron. Grain runs short way across entire table parallel to leaf crack. Center support legs are furnished with tables with two or more center leaves. these are added to the table only when more than one leaf is in use. Add $283

End leaves- A pair of 10" removable end leaves, available on rectangular tables only. Wood grain runs the long way on the end leaf. Add $283

Short drop leaves-A pair of 9" short drop leaves supported by pullouts. Our side chairs fit in underneath. Grain on drop leaf runs parallel to the hinge joint. Add $592

Long drop leaves-A pair of 25" long drop leaves supported by gate legs. Grain on drop leaf runs parallel to the hinge joint. Gate leg style required to support the leaves. Add $992


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