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Three treats happened today: 1. My wife and I got to meet you. 2. We prepared for a possible second order of four/six additional chairs. 3. Your/our Windsor chair matches perfectly with the one we have already enjoyed and the new one already looks very much at home in our dining room. Please share our gratitude for everyone on your team that made this happen. Windsor Chairmakers are the very best in America! Thank you.

~ Richard M.

our workshop

If you want your furniture to look hand-made there's no substitute for using hand tools. At Windsor Chairmakers we combine the use of some modern tools, (to get the job done in a timely manner), with the use of the types of hand-tools that were used to build fine pieces 200 years ago. Unless otherwise requested, we hand-plane every table top using a  small, low-angle block plane. We hand-soften the edges of all tables, chairs, beds, and case pieces. The surface of every piece of furniture that we make is planed, sanded, or polished by different workers at different stages about ten times before the piece is ready to ship to the customer. That amount of hand-work results in a look that is "aged", "polished", and "hand-crafted".

Our shop is divided into four areas: the chair shop, the table-bed-casepiece shop, the finish area, and the rub-out and pack area. All visitors are encouraged to wander through the workshop and to chat with the builders about our furniture. We want our customers to know why our products are a wise investment. Seeing the process and discovering why we design and build the way we do puts you, the customer, in the process. You are involved in choosing the size, color and look of your finished piece. That's why touring our workshop is part of the Windsor Chairmakers experience. We look forward to your visit.

Windsor Chairs workshop

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