These are the special characteristics that make our Windsor chairs unique:

•  Made of Ash with traditional pine seat (hardwood options available)
•  Hand-bored deep scoop seat
•  Spindles and legs through holed and wedged
•  All joints epoxy glued
•  Counter bored legs
•  Steam bent bows
•  Ergonomically correct
•  Lifetime guarantee 

The chair was delivered about an hour and a half ago - thanks. You sure do know how to pack an item. Thanks so much for the effort that went into making that truly beautiful and comfortable chair (you are exactly right, I've rocked in it already). Windsor Chairmakers has every right to be very proud of its product. Tell folks I said so, if you want. You ALL have my deep appreciation.

~ Larry M.

Windsor Chairmakers makes a wide array of traditional and Shaker furniture. But there's one thing we do better than anyone else - we make the perfect Windsor Chair. The perfect Windsor chair

The design of the Windsor chair dates back to the 18th century, and a virtually limitless number of variations have emerged in the 300 years since then. Jim Brown, the owner of Windsor Chairmakers, spent years perfecting the designs we feature today. Jim's insistance on perfection has resulted in a Windsor chair that is as comfortable and durable as any chair on the market.

Our Windsor chair design features a scooped seat that allows you to sit in perfect comfort. Unlike many Windsor chairs on the market today, ours are made one piece at a time, by hand. Our Windsor chairs come with the options of proud or flush spindles, and can be made with a traditional comb, rockers, and even a writing arm.

We urge our customers to come by our showroom in Lincolnville, Maine, watch our Windsor chairs being made in our shop, and see for yourself how comfortable these chairs are to sit in!

Learn more about various styles and finishes available for our Windsor chairs:

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